Lunch Specials | $14.99

From 11am to 5pm


Monday thru Saturday Specials

Combo 1
Medium Pho, Egg Roll & Drink - Your choice of raw steak, brisket, meat balls, chicken, shrimp, or tofu.

Combo 2
Steamed Rice with Grilled Pork, Egg Rolls & Drink

Combo 3
Teriyaki Chicken with Steamed Rice, Egg Rolls  & Drink

Combo 4
Chicken Fried Rice, Egg Rolls & Drink

Daily Specials

Monday Combo
Singapore Chicken, Egg Rolls & Drink

Tuesday Combo
Lemon Pepper Wing, Egg Rolls & Drink

Wednesday Combo
Pad Thai Chicken, Egg Rolls & Drink

Thursday Combo
Lo Mein Chicken, Egg Rolls & Drink

Friday Combo
Orange Chicken with Steamed Rice, Egg Rolls & Drink


4021 Reggis Ct #301,
Fort Worth, TX 76155


(817) 399-8400

Business Hours:

Mon - Sat
11am - 9pm