Soup & Salad

30. Hot & Sour soup $2.95/cup or $5.95/bowl

A light, spicy & sour broth with mushroom, tofu, bamboo and eggs.


31. Egg Drop soup $2.95/cup or $5.95/bowl

Chicken broth with eggs, peas and carrot.


32. Wonton soup $5.95/bowl

Wonton filled with ground pork and shrimp in a chicken broth (add $3.00 for thin egg noodle).


33. Tofu seaweed salad $7.99

Shredded tofu & seaweed over cabbages, carrot and fresh Asian herbs in soy based vinaigrette topped with roasted peanuts, sesame & shallots.


34. Special chicken salad $8.99

Fresh chicken bread meat steam over thin slice cabbage and pickle, cilantro with special sauce.


Mixed Salad, Tomato, Onion, Crouton, Cheese with your choice of Dressing and Topping.


35. Grilled Pork or Chicken $7.99
36. Grilled Beef $8.99
37. Grilled shrimp $9.25



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